06 January 2009

There is always something

Okay, a couple of things to go over here. 


First, I’m sitting here watching the new season of the Biggest Loser.  These people are huge.  I know they will make life changing alterations over the next few weeks so I don’t feel bad saying that.  I do love this show and I’m totally hooked.  What got me was the beginning when they were all so excited to get on the show.  I thought to myself, how ironic that they are finally happy and joyous over being incredibly huge. Strange, huh??


Second, I am bored.  I have officially been out of work for 2 days and I am bored.  You can only look for work for so many hours a day.  I found myself looking for things to eat today when I wasn’t hungry.  I realized I was incredibly bored.  What the heck am I going to do??? Well, I’ve actually decided to up my activity.  I’m going to workout in the morning, strength or running, and then do something in the afternoon.  I’ll either go for a hike, or ride my bike and play a little tennis, something like that.  I will also take some time to take some pictures everyday.  There is also some organization I want to do.  I will just have to keep myself busy.  I can’t get bored because then I eat. 


Thirdly, I think my knee problems is my weight and my shoes.  I’ve been doing my strength training in some old running shoes and there are a lot of cardio intervals that are high impact.  I think that was part of the problem.  For the last two days I haven’t been doing the high impact stuff and I got new shoes.  The knees feel pretty good today so I think I’m on to something. 


Okay, that’s my new plan.  God, this stuff just isn’t easy is it?? There’s always something.


Anonymous said...

it was my first time watching that show. i do not agree eliminating. how do they loose if they will eliminate those people?

Benson said...

Not a fan of the show but your plan sounds really good.
You are so right about having good shoes. They are absolutely necessary. Enjoy.

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