12 February 2009

The last 2 days have been tough. I've been really tired. My back has been killing me (I need to get to my chiro) and I've been tired. I think it's getting near that time again. Ugh!!! But I feel much better tonight so tomorrow it's back on it.

I have a couple of job interviews next week for teaching jobs and I'm very excited. If I'm really lucky I could line up a gig for next fall. That would be awesome.

I started my new job and it seems pretty sweet. My main job is to man the transition center which is where we help new students get acquainted with the school and other new people. The school I'm in is about 60% military and they come and go all the time. Anyway, the only time I actually 'work' is if there is a new student or before school, during recess and lunch when there are kids in the room. During class times it is dead. This is good. It gives me time to work on my school work. Sweet.

Okay, that catches me up. I have to work all day tomorrow (that would be until 2:30 :), I better rest tonight.

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