13 February 2009

Keep making discoveries

I sometimes wonder why it's taken me so long to figure things out. But then for a large part of my life I lived very in the moment. While that's great to a point, it doesn't leave a lot of space for making the necessary connections. But I'm making them now and that's the important part.

So, what is this earth shaking discovery I've made?? I don't eat enough carbs. I eat tons of fruits and veggies, but I don't think these are necessarily enough. I made the connection today. Monday and Tuesday I worked out 2x a day - hard!! I ate well but I avoided carbs. By Wednesday I was exhausted. Initially I thought it was just the getting up early and staying up late. But that explanation didn't feel right because it was a real total exhaustion, not just lack of sleep tired. Wednesday I took it easy and felt a little better. But Thursday I had carbs. Some rice with lunch and some whole wheat pasta with dinner. Not a ton of the stuff, just 1 serving of each, but what a huge difference it made. Within an hour of lunch I was feeling energetic and peppy. After dinner I was positively brimming with energy. I stayed up last night with no problem and got up this morning with no problem at all. I need more carbs.

So now the work begins. I'm allergic to something, yeast, or wheat gluten or something, so I have to be careful what I eat. I can eat bread once in a while but not every day. Ugh!! I don't know what I'm going to do. Maybe I'll just go shopping for some weight loss pills

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