12 March 2009

Apparently the poop isn't high enough....

Lately I just haven't been able to get things going as far as fat loss and working out go. I get flashes of inspiration and motivation but then something comes up I lose focus. This week I was all excited about getting back into running and training for something. Then, on my first day back, I pull a muscle in my back. Yesterday I couldn't do anything and today it's still a little sore. I probably could have run today but I'd rather take a couple of days off then be laid up for a week. Right???

So I'm driving around this morning trying to figure out how to get my act together and keep it together. Dr. Laura was playing on the radio but I was only half listening, I was way too deep in my own problems to pay attention to someone else's. Then, this lady came on the phone who was overweight and wanted to lose it and hadn't for years and blah, blah, blah...... What she said wasn't important but what Dr. Laura said was. She was saying how being overweight was this lady's comfort zone and as long as she was comfortable she wouldn't lose any weight. I've said the exact same thing to myself. I'm relatively happy where I am and that makes it hard to change.

Then Dr. Laura told a story. It's like people are living in a house with no bathroom. There are slits in the floor about 3" wide, just enough room for them too poop through. They will go on living there until the poop gets too high. She then asked this lady what would make the poop too high. That really struck me (yeah, I know, the strangest things resonate with me). Apparently the poop isn't high enough for me. Well, I'm going to make the poop high enough. I have to pile up the things that bother me and make the poop high enough so I'll do something. So here is some of the poop:

  • I'm more tired though I'm working less
  • My clothes don't feel as comfortable
  • There are clothes I can't wear
  • I don't have a lot of energy
See, that list is too short. There is way more poop I just need to get in all into a central pile so it's high. Sorry for the gross analogy but not really. I will continue to pile the poop as I think of it.

E.L. over at Stop.Kidding.Yourself. had a great line in his post yesterday. The very last line of the post says:

So stop knowing and start doing.

Ummm.....perfect timing, thanks E.L.


Anonymous said...

Here's some more poop for you! It is some of the poop that keeps me going a.k.a "benefits of exercise!"

"Regular exercise, 30 minutes – 3 times a week, increases good cholesterol and decreases the bad. It reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It lowers high blood pressure, the risk of breast cancer and minimizes the risk of osteoporosis by building bone mass. It reduces symptoms of PMS, stress, anxiety and insomnia."

I like each and everyone of those benefits. Now here comes my dozzy stat ...

• People who considered themselves in excellent health had only 1.6 depressed days compared with 11 depressed days per month reported among those in poor health.

Bottom-line Poop is that
Work Out = Be Happy. That’s worth all the huffing and puffing, isn’t it?!


Benson said...

good on ya for seeing what needs to be done.
Good luck and best wishes for success.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic analogy. I guess most of us are in that comfort zone, and although we know we must do something, it's obviously just not important enough for us to get off our butts and do it. And yes, we all know but we don't do! Thanks to you and E.L.

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