26 April 2024

Been a rough week

 I need to start paying more attention because I think there will definitely be a pattern if I had all the data. I have weeks where I am just wiped out, that was this week. I was completely exhausted all the time. I would wake up and feel good and then by 9am I am yawning. Driving home I'm falling asleep at the wheel and I just lay on the couch all evening. Last night my eyes burned and I could hardly keep them open. This happens every once in a while and I'm not sure if it's what I'm eating or my workouts or what, but I really do need to figure it out. Because when those weeks hit, I'm just wiped out. It's hard for me to do anything. Maybe it's hormones, I don't know but I need to keep track of things to figure it out. One thing I did discover is that my body is getting used to having food. On Wednesday night, Hubby made some dinner with some meat he had smoked that I didn't like initially and I like it even less the second time around. So I really didn't eat much dinner that night. Then yesterday I was hungry all day. I ate, but I was still hungry. It was like my body was saying where is the food I need? I guess I was trying to make up for less food the day before. It was weird. Anyway, I need to keep track of this stuff so I can figure out what I'm doing. 

So the Aloha Challenge started on Monday and as much as I would love to win it, I'm having a really hard time getting into it. Of course, that may be because I've been wiped out all week with little energy to spare for anything. Those two things may be related. Anyway, I find the way they do the challenge not great for me. For example, they have a serving of protein as 2.5 oz for every meal or for carbs they have Ezekiel bread at 1.5 slices per serving. So I was just typing this out and I was going to say that I prefer to deal in grams of macronutrients as that is what my Lumen app gives me and I realized that I'm being silly. I can easily convert serving size into grams with a little math. DUH!!! I was definitely making it harder than it needed to be. I still need to work things out. I want to calculate how many grams of each macro the challenge is saying I need each day. That will help me plan my meals a little better. Okay, I feel kind of stupid now, I got stuck on something and could not see my way around it. 

Which leads to my next topic. My limiting beliefs. I was at the gym on Wednesday working out and I realized that I hold myself back in many ways. I was doing a movement, I don't recall which one, and realized that I could go heavier. Which then made me realize that I have been playing the old/injured card for a long time now. A. Long. Time. I need to push myself and realize that I am stronger than I realize. 

In fact, as I'm typing this, I'm realizing a number of limiting beliefs that I have. In my heart of hearts, I don't think I can win this challenge because of my age and the fact that I'm past menopause. Huh??? Yes, my body is different now, but that doesn't mean I still can't lose weight. I see evidence of women doing it all the time. This is like a revelation. I have let some limiting beliefs creep back into my life and they are absolutely affecting my life and my health. OMG!!! Okay, time to work on these and bust through them all. Wow, what an eye-opener. I can do anything I set my mind to. I have proved that time and time again. So I need to get over myself and get this thing done. 

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