29 March 2009

Don't Stop Believing

The last couple of nights Journey has played here in Honolulu with their new lead singer. Initially they were going to do 1 show. That sold out immediately. Then they added a second show. That sold out immediately. Then they added a third show. Guess what happened?? Right! It sold out immediately. The main online ticket place is one I just hate. With a white hot passion do I hate it. They charge too much money and their site is slow and it never seems to work right for me. Never!! So, not knowing what else to do, I tried to buy tickets through them. Yeah, I failed miserably. As a result I didn't get to see Journey. Bummer.

Now I know there are other sites that sell tickets but I haven't had much luck with the ones I've found. I found this one that like resold tickets and they were so expensive it was unbelievable and when I registered for the site I got so much garbage emails from them. Not necessarily spam just crap I wasn't interested in. So today I discover another site for concert tickets. TicketFeeder has premium tickets and tickets to sold out events. I wonder if I could have gotten some Journey tickets from them? I know they have tickets for the Big Island show tonight. Don't think I'll be making that one. Sheryl Crow is coming in April. The only tickets available from the other website is the lawn seating at the back. But TicketFeeder has some available in the reserved seating section right in front of the stage. They are pricey but if you really love Sheryl they are worth it. Besides, I've seen regular prices this high for some concerts. Tickets for the Stones were like $200 and resold for around $500. It was crazy. So I missed Journey but at least I know where to look next time.

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