29 March 2009

Not going to let it happen....

I'm not.

The backstory: I lost my job in December. I got a part time job in February. The money has been stretching just barely. I had a root canal on Thursday. I owe taxes. Do you see where I'm going with this?? If we didn't have any unexpected expenses we would make it fine. With these things looming, all around the same time, we are not going to make it. I'm starting to freak.

Today: I woke up at 5am worrying about this. I got up and started doing what I can at that time on a Sunday morning, not much. I ended up sitting at the computer until almost 9am. I did not feel like working out so I blew it off and went and showered. In the shower I realized something. Normally I would allow something like this to completely derail me. I would spend so much time worrying about the money that I would allow my workouts to fall by the wayside. That serves absolutely no purpose at all. My workouts don't cost me money. It doesn't take anything away from looking for work or working to workout. By working out regularly I will keep up my energy and keep a positive attitude. That is really important if I'm going to take on another job.

The future: So this is my vow; I will NOT let my worries derail my workout/weight loss efforts. I will NOT allow my money woes to take control of my life and make me miserable. I will NOT!!!!


Mia Goddess said...

Good for you, Flo! I'm thinking about these things a lot too, like what things we have control over and what things we don't. Sorry things are tight. It seems to be... going around. ;)

Jan from BetterSpines said...

Hi Flo. Yes, doing the things we CAN makes us feel better and in control. Exercise is free, thanks goodness. And getting those endorphins going is such a great feeling. Says she after coming back from her 5 am walk and feeling terrific!

Ellie Hamilton said...

I love your outlook.

I hate your situation. Been there. Pretty frequently, as a matter of fact! We're going to be stretched v-e-r-y tight with me not working while I hike. Even if I keep my costs down, that's not going to make up for not bringing in money.

Thank you for your comment on my blog.... I'll write your name on my hiking pole so you'll know I'm thinking about you!

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