11 March 2009

It's always something

Yesterday afternoon I got home and immediately threw my running clothes on and headed out the door. I do know that if I start to do I will not get out and run. I started a run/walk program that doesn't seem too easy or hard. I walked for 5 minutes, then did 4 - 5 min walk/2 min run intervals with a 5 minute cool down. It was good. I felt great. The knee hurt a little but that always happens when I return to running. I was pleased.

Later that afternoon I had to head out to class and Nala, the pit bull, was heading into the house. She fell on the stairs and I ran over to find her just laying there looking at me. She wouldn't get up on her own. I helped her up and then went to lift her up the stairs because I was running late. When I leaned over to pick her up I was at a bad angle and I pulled a muscle in my back. Ugh!! I know it's musculature and not a spine problem because of the type of pain. So it's been ice and ibuprofen and rest. It actually feels better standing then sitting.

It's not that bad but more annoying. I wasn't supposed to run today so that's good. I'm supposed to run tomorrow but I'm definitely going to play it by ear. Luckily I don't have to pack and move any shipping boxes. The most strenuous thing I have to do is grade papers :)

I'm off to get some school work done.


_ said...

It always does seem to be something, doesn't it? I myself just recently got out of a bout of "bad luck". Best of wishes :)

Anonymous said...
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