13 March 2009

Piling up the poop

So since yesterday's post I've done some .....dwelling I guess you'd call it, on the poop. I have gotten so into the habit of looking at the bright side, being positive, trying not to beat myself up, whatever you want to call it. But I've spent so much time doing that that I think I kind of lost the ability to be realistic. I would miss a workout and tell myself, it's okay. I would eat dessert 4 nights in a row and tell myself it's okay. My pants would get a little tight and I would tell myself it's okay. Well guess what?? It's not okay anymore. I'm adding these things to my poop list. So far I have:

  • I'm more tired though I'm working less
  • My clothes don't feel as comfortable
  • There are clothes I can't wear
  • I don't have a lot of energy
  • I miss workouts far too frequently
  • I eat dessert way too often
  • I have serious muffin top
  • My stomach feels huge
  • My back fat grosses me out
  • I can't buy boots because my calves are so fat
  • My back bothers me more often from the excess weight and infrequent workouts
These things bother me. The poop is getting higher and higher and I'm getting tired of it. Is it high enough? I'm not sure but I know it will be soon.

Along that vein, I have to take responsibility for what I eat. I've thought of this before but never followed through and then Mia started doing it. So following in her footsteps and owning what I eat, I present to you my breakfast and lunch:

This is breakfast. A grande non-fat latte and an oatcake. That oatcake is so freaking good, I love it. It's filling and actually pretty good for you. It's about 8 WW points so I think it's about 350-400 cals. If I eat this breakfast at 7 I do not get hungry until noon.

This is lunch which was also purchased at Starbucks. I had nothing at home to take for lunch and I knew the school lunch was not something I wanted (fish sticks) and I did not know what I was going to eat for lunch. As I was buying my breakfast I saw this in the chiller. It's called a protein pack and has a small whole wheat bagel (very small), some cheddar cheese, a hard boiled egg, some apple slices and peanut butter. Oh yeah, there were a couple of grapes too. It was a very good lunch. The calories totaled 340 which is not bad at all for lunch, plus it has lots of protein and complex carbs. And it was very tasty.

So there you have it. The poop is starting to get deep and I'm owning my food. Moving ever forward.

Stop knowing and start doing. (E.L., that has become my mantra. Hope you don't mind).

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