14 March 2009

Why is it always me????

For my teaching certification I have to take a series of 4 tests. I've already taken and passed two of them, yeah!!!! Today was number 3. Now this test is a pedagogy test. For those of you who are not teachers, pedagogy is defined as follows:

Pedagogy , or paedagogy is the art or science of being a teacher. The term generally refers to strategies of instruction, or a style of instruction.

What they do for this test is basically give you a topic and you have to design a unit plan around that topic. They tell you how many class periods you have and you have to tell them 1) what three main topics you would cover and why, 2) what you would do (lecture, lab, film, etc.) and 3) what end of unit assessments you would use. Also, what the students should learn and what they should know at the end. So there is no real way to study for this test. I was taking the life science test and they could have given me any topic in biology. How would I have studied for that? I did look over the biology book to refresh my memory of topics but that was really about all.

I get there this morning and after all the formalities I get to start the test. I open the book and find the topic I've gotten is animal reproduction. Woo Hoo!! That I know. That I can talk about. That I can write a unit plan for. I'm excited. We have one hour and it took me all that time. I put my pencil done literally seconds before the buzzer went off so I was happy about that. But for the last 20 minutes of the test the person sitting behind me was sniffling and moaning. Huh??? Apparently her nose began to run and she had to keep sniffing it. Get a freaking tissue already. Then she was moaning, I'm guessing over tough questions. I don't think she even realized she was moaning it was pretty low, I only heard it because I was right in front of her. Anyway, I'm trying to finish this test up and I have to listen to that for 20 minutes. I was ready to strangle her. Why do I always get seated near the person who makes the most noise??????

I think I did okay on the test. As soon as I saw the topic I knew where I was going to go with it and I think I did a pretty good job considering I only had an hour to plan out a week of teaching. But then, driving home, I started to second guess myself. Animal reproduction is a pretty broad topic. I was struck immediately on what path to take but then I started thinking about other possible avenues of study. Then I started wondering if I even covered what they wanted me to. What if they had something else in mind completely and what I wrote is completely off topic? Then I thought that animal reproduction is such a broad topic, they give you no focus or direction so they must realize some people will talk about what I did. But suppose I'm the only one. Suppose I get a zero. These are things that go on in my head. I'm sure it's fine. I'm sure I did okay. I'll know in 4 weeks and until then I just need to let it go. I swear, I am so incredibly weird.

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone. Everyone encounters such self-doubting at one point of time or the other. Just chill....Animal reproduction is a wide subject for you not to write on it correctly....

Be at peace with yourself!

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