01 March 2009

Put one foot in front of the other.....

So yesterday went pretty darn good. I headed out for a walk and ended up going for an hour and 10 minutes. Cool. Food was okay. Saturday's are hard because Hubby is home and he makes good stuff :) If I'm alone I'll throw together a salad or a wrap and call it a day. Not him. Yesterday we had hamburgers on these killer buns....Yummm.... Then for dinner last night we had bratwurst and potato pancakes.....Yummm...... Okay, so yesterday I ate a little too much. My calorie intake was around 2500 while my calorie expenditure was around 2200. Not good, but instead of beating myself up over it I'm going to try harder today. My daily goal is to burn about 2300 cals and consume no more then 1800. That would put me at a 500 cal deficit a day which would lead to a pound a week lose. I could be very, very happy with that. Okay, I need to head out on my walk so let's see what the plan is today.
  • Walk
  • Clean house
  • Do schoolwork
  • Get everything ready for tomorrow
  • Stretching/Yoga (which I completely forgot about last night)
Not too tough. So I'm heading out on my walk, I'll check back in later.

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