28 February 2009


I'm studying to be a teacher, I may have mentioned that. I'm getting my Master's in Secondary Education from a local university. It's a great program and kind of the way I have to go. Since No Child Left Behind was enacted teachers now have to be 'highly qualified' in what they teach. Used to be you could get a bachelor's degree and go off and teach. Not any more. Here in Hawaii there are a lot of teachers who will be retiring because they don't meet that 'highly qualified' description. Many have been teaching for years and don't want to go back to school to continue to work. It's hard the way I'm doing it. But there is another way. You can get MS Instruction online. You can get your masters in Curriculum and Instruction completely online.

St. Xavier's offers an online masters that focuses on theories of curriculum, learning, growth and development. I can tell you from experience, these are incredibly important aspects of teaching. You have to understand the students almost more then the curriculum your teaching. I'm in my 2nd semester and taking my 3rd class dealing with instruction or psychology in some way. I only have to take one course that actually deals with teaching science. I wish I could have taken this online. How convenient would that be. I could do the classes when I want to and not have to be out until 8 pm at class. I wish I had heard of this before I started the program I'm in. Unfortunately I'm almost half way through now. If I was just starting I'd definitely look into switching.

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