23 April 2009

Moving on

I took a mental health day today. I have a bunch of stuff to finish up for my classes since it's the end of the semester and I just want to get it done. So that and getting my permanent crown will be my big adventures today - yea!!

I just finished working out and may I say I feel marvelous!! I'm on the third day of this kick start program. My calories have been around 1600-1700 for the past two days and that seems to be a good level for me. I'm satisfied but not stuffed. I'm rediscovering things I love that I had forgotten about. Like cottage cheese. I love cottage cheese. Cottage cheese with some chopped up fruit? Fabulous!!! Or hummus wraps!! I love those. Flat Out Bread spread with hummus lots of chopped up veggies and a little dressing. To. Die. For.... So yeah, these fantastically healthy things I had forgotten about are quickly becoming regulars again. Yummy!!!

Has anyone noticed a problem with Gmail?? For about a week now I've been having issues with it. It won't load or it takes forever and it's starting to piss me off. I love Gmail but this is getting ridiculous. Anyone else??

Well, that's all. Schoolwork calls so I best get to it......

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Anna said...

Google for me has been doing well, but Yahoo was screwing up this week so with me having difficulty logging in to email and chat.

Good to hear your burning calories well.



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