15 May 2009

I think my mojo is in the hood

Seriously. I'm ready to really start working out and training for races. I want to do a quasi-Olympic distance in July, a half marathon in September, and a Century ride at the end of September. I'm psyched. I have to devise a plan, which I will this weekend, because without a plan nothing happens. Anyway I'm very excited. It feels good to be back training.

In food news, I'm back to Weight Watchers tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that, I think I need the support and encouragement. I realized something today, recently I'm not eating enough. I'm not. Today I had 2 slices of peanut butter toast. 1 cup of Greek yogurt. An apple with some more peanut butter. That is not enough. What happens is that instead of getting hungry I get tired. So I have to make an effort to eat enough. That's where I think WW will really help me right now. By counting points I think will help me eat more then I have been. I'm excited.

At school it's getting close to graduation and it's amazing how close I've grown to those kids in a few short months. If you had asked me a year ago if I wanted to hang out with teenagers all day, I would have laughed in your face. Now I enjoy it. Go figure. They all have such great plans after graduation. Some have gotten full scholarships to some really awesome universities. Others are going to Annapolis or the Air Force Academy. It's so great to see all these smart, ambitious people. Awesome. One girl's parents gave her a trip for a present so she was looking into Las Vegas hotels and trying to talk her friends into coming. It's so great to see young people so excited about life and the future. I think I'm going to like being a teacher.

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