14 May 2009

Maybe I just needed to take it outside...

The weather here has been spectacular the last week or so. This fine weather is what put me in the mind to swim in the ocean again. I don't like the ocean when it's very,very,very cold. I'm a warm weather ocean swimmer. If I owned one I would wear a wetsuit in the winter no matter how stupid I looked.

Thursdays are the days I'm done by 9:15. In. The. Morning. 9:15. Woo. Hoo. It was so gorgeous this morning I decided to not only go for a swim on the way home but to also do one of my favorite runs, the Lanikai Loop.

It's a beautiful, slightly hilly, 3 mile loop that passes lots of million dollar homes. It's really nice. So I walked that and it felt so good I ended up doing two run intervals. Yea me!!!

Then it was back to the car and into my suit. The ocean beckoned. I swam the entire length of Kailua Beach swim area (if you look closely in the water to the left of the Lanikai Loop there is a green line in the water, that's where I swam).

No turtles today but an absolutely beautiful way to kill an hour or so.

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Benson said...

You are so dang lucky.
I like the aerial view or your training routes.


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