01 May 2009

I want to stir things up

I want to kick it into gear before summer. I'm really feeling it. The sun is up earlier and later. I'm inspired to work out again. I was watching Oprah today, I do that a lot recently, and Jenny McCarthy is giving up sugar for 30 days. I like that. Giving up something for 30 days takes you right up to Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer. I would like to set up a 30 day workout and food challenge for myself. I'm thinking of at least 30 minutes of activity everyday (I do way more then that now but that will give me just a little if I take a day off) and no desserts. I'm just getting back into the workout mode the way I want to be so this should help me seal the habit. Also, desserts are my downfall. More nights then not I have something for dessert. It may only be a bowl of chocolate Special K but it's still something. I really, really, really want to break that habit. I'm thinking this is what I'll do. I have to dwell it over a little more but I think it would be a good way to stir things up.

Edit: In the middle of writing this post I had to walk away and lie down. About an hour and a half before I wrote this I had some Tim Tams. These things are wicked good and I allow myself one a night (see desserts). So earlier I got hungry and thought I'd have one or two before dinner. I ended up having 3 and then an hour and a half later, as I was writing this, I went into sugar shock. I literally got so incredibly tired I could not sit in my chair. I had to go lie down on the couch and I actually dozed off for a few minutes. This is the second time in a week that sugar has done that to me. So I think I will be giving up all sweets for the month of May. I hate that feeling and how quickly it comes on. It's scary.

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