02 May 2009

A new start

I keep an offline journal as well as this one. There are some things I write that I just don't want anyone to read. I was doing some writing in it this morning about my Manic May, 30 minutes of activity and no sweets for 30 days. So I was just kind of laying out the guidelines for myself, exactly what I want to accomplish (it's not necessarily weight loss) and exactly what's forbidden so that I don't try to justify a treat in a weak moment. As I was writing this I made a comment about how I'm tired of starting over. Which made me think, if I'm so tired of it why do I do it so much? Which made me think, maybe it's not the starting over that I hate but the follow through. Starting over is always fresh and exciting. Where as following through can be boring and dull. So what if I view everyday as a new start. Every morning I will think of it as the first day. Every night I will plan for the next day like I'm doing something brand new. I know that so much of how we feel about things is controlled by what we think. So instead of thinking it's day 14 of this boring routine, I'll tell myself it's day 1 of this new routine. I think this just might work.

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