16 May 2009


I rejoined WW today. I left about 7 months ago. I wasn't really ready to start today since I have to go grocery shopping but I decided to just eat normally and track. I thought it would give me an idea of where I was food wise. Wow!! Wow!! All I can say is Wow!! Today was a kind of high food day, one day of the weekend usually is. I didn't think it was that high though until I totalled my points. I'm supposed to eat 22 points. I ate 51!!! Wow!!! I think I see where the problem lies. So I'm glad I did this today. Normally I would have thought I didn't eat all that much today. No wonder I'm having trouble losing weight. I really do eat way more then I think I do. So that was an eye opener. I sat down tonight and read through all the material. I have to lose that mindset that I know what I'm doing. Obviously I don't know what I'm doing or I wouldn't still have a weight problem. Time to really get serious.

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