20 June 2009

Mental Gymnastics

I know I've done this before, probably a thousand times, but I just don't understand why it doesn't stick. As I was working out just now a couple of things hit me. First, I really workout much better if someone is telling me what to do. That is why I like workout videos so much. I don't push myself if it's just me, but if someone, even a voice on a podcast, is telling me what to do I do it. And I try hard. So that led to the decision that, as much as I hate groups, I'm going to join a training group for the Honolulu Marathon. I really want to complete it, as it will be my last one, and knowing that I follow others better then myself I will join a group. So there is that, a decision I kind of hate but it makes sense for me.

Second, I struggle so much with losing weight and I'm not quite sure why. Again, as I was working out, I thought about it and wondered why it's so hard for me. Then I thought about getting my teaching job. I set out with the absolute knowledge that I would get a job teaching science. I knew that deep in my soul. I knew it would happen. So I did the things necessary to make it happen. I sent out resumes, filled out applications, contacted people. It took me 6 months but I did it. I landed a job teaching science, while a lot of teachers are getting laid off due to budget cuts. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that it would happen and it did. Why can't I have that mindset with weight loss? When doubts about me getting a teaching job crept into my thoughts I would immediately brush them away. When doubts about my losing weight creep into my thoughts I agree with them. Clearly, the last battlefront is in my mind.....

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