21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

My own dad has been dead for 38 years. He's been gone longer then I knew him. It's sad that I never got to know him as an adult, I understand from my brothers and sisters he was a pretty cool guy. But that's the way it goes sometimes. For all you Dad's out there, Happy Father's Day.

I had an interesting thing happen last night. I did some strength training on Friday and yesterday afternoon I started to get some muscle soreness. The more I relaxed the more sore the muscles became, especially in the ab area. I didn't think too much about it, it was about 36 hours after I worked out and DOMS was setting in, no biggee. Then in the middle of the night I woke up because my ab muscles were in real pain. It was the weirdest thing. Once I woke up and relaxed the pain went away, but it was very strange. I've never had anything like that happen before. Weird. Anyway, I'm off to do my strength training again and some cardio. Then I have a list of chores as long as my arm to do.

And yesterday I wasn't near as tired as I have been, and this morning I feel pretty darn good. Apparently the working out and eating well are starting to take effect. Must continue.....

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