03 July 2009

Time to decompress

Wow, it has been a wild couple of weeks. I have had so much work with my school, the summer school I'm teaching, the dogs, the birds, you name it. I have been running myself ragged trying to fit everything in that needed to be done in a day. Finally, a holiday. I now have time to decompress, regroup, and get organized for the coming week. I have one more week of summer school to teach, then I get a break for 2 weeks. Then it's full time school, 5 classes a day, 20 kids a class. I'll be busy over break getting ready for that. I'm looking forward to August 19 when my classes are over. Then I have a 3 week break before my next class starts, so for 3 weeks I'll only have teaching. The worst part about all this is the mental exhaustion. I'm sitting here right now and I'm having trouble forming coherent sentences. I just got up and I feel like I've been up for hours. I need to do some mindless stuff first. I'm going to take the dogs to the dog park, then come home and work out, then sit down and figure out what all I need to work on. So now I stop thinking for a while.

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