29 September 2009

Do others do this?

When I eat right and work out I can tell when my metabolism changes. Can others tell? If I'm eating junk and working out it doesn't work, but if I'm watching my food intake, sticking to healthy, whole foods, I can definitely tell. The first sign is that I stop getting full. I eat until I'm satisfied and never reach fullness. At first I thought this was due to me watching what I eat but I've found if I'm not working out this doesn't happen. The next sign is that I get hungry more frequently. What satisfied me when I started no longer does, I have to eat more often. Finally, it's like I can feel my stomach empty. I don't get full and it's almost like I can feel the digestion happening. It's hard to explain and even stranger to experience. As I said, this doesn't happen if I'm not working out. I can go day without eating and be sitting around the house doing nothing and not get like this. But if I workout, regularly, it happens every time. Weird.

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