29 September 2009

Day 4 of 16

I was really worried about ending up doing a lot of nothing over this break. That has been my past habit and I really didn't want that to happen again. Well, it's not. Even though it is only day 4 I have been super busy. So busy in fact that I have not been able to do all the workouts I wanted. I had planned on 3 workouts a day but that is just not happening. I've been so busy doing things around the house and for school that I don't stop moving until 8 pm. By then I'm exhausted and there's no way I'm working out. The good news is that I'm starting every day with a workout. I decided that I want to get back into running and triathlons next year and have taken that to heart. Sunday I went out for a walk and ended up doing some short bursts of running. Yesterday I decided to get serious. It's 14 weeks until New Year's Day and I want to do the 10k. So I dug up a training schedule and that starts in 2 weeks and decided to use these 2 weeks to get back into running. That was when I remembered Podrunner. I used this a few years back for running and really like it. You can chose music that's for your particular pace, it's very cool. Anyway I went over there to check them out and they now have interval workouts!!! They have a couch to 5k series, and an 8k series and a 10k series. Very Cool!!! The 10k is a 10 week program and since I have 14 weeks till the race I can do week 1 and week 2 twice. That should get me back into running shape fairly quickly and then I can start into the program. I'm excited!! Yesterday I was slow but I got in about 3.3 miles. It's a start. I also ran the intervals out and then walked back, I wanted a longer workout then they provided. So I'm very excited.

This morning I'm going on a bike ride. I wanted to ride every day of my break to get back into it but it's just not happening. Too busy. So I'll alternate and ride whenever I get the chance. I'm off to get the day started. Lots to do.

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