This is what I know.....

I know that exercise works for me. I know that it sets me up emotionally, psychologically, and physically for success. Success in my eating and energy. Success in my life.

I know that energy creates energy. I know that initially a workout program tires me out but eventually, very quickly actually, it will give me more energy than it takes.

I know that I waste far too much time sitting in front of the computer and doing nothing.

I know that I enjoy being active. I enjoy the movement. I enjoy the activity. I enjoy the way my body feels. I enjoy it.

I know that when I complete a really good workout I feel like an absolute rock star.

I know that I like feeling like a rock star.

I know that I need to restrict my visits to the scale, it messes with my head.

I know that I need to watch what I eat but not obsess about it.

I know that I want to be healthy and fit and able to do whatever I want to do.

I know that I need to start now.


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