05 September 2009

Goal Setting

I've never been good at this, well in some areas I have been, but I need to do it now. Today I restart my workout and fitness program (I'm trying not to think of it as a weight loss effort). While I do want to lose some weight I'm trying to focus more on the active, fitness side of things. When focusing on weight loss I get too caught up in the numbers, on the scale, calories, fat, etc. I get so obsessive that's all I think about and I end up stuffing my face. So I'm trying to focus on fitness. Working out to gain strength and muscle. Eating to support my workouts and lifestyle. Things like that. No obsessing allowed. But my problem is I need to have a goal. I need something to work towards and a marker to know if I've succeeded, except I can't think of any that don't involve the numbers. Losing pounds. Losing % bodyfat. Lowering my BMI. Etc. I want to be fit and healthy but how exactly do I measure that? I could go with inches lost. Maybe I could use the % bodyfat and/or BMI, those aren't weight and losing pounds won't necessarily change those figures, while losing bodyfat may not change the weight. I guess I can start without a set goal in mind. Follow my program for a couple of days and see what pops out at me. I could do that.

I've taken all the requisite measurements this morning. I'm not sharing because they are ugly. I will share when I am considerably smaller :) But I'm starting and that's what counts. No excuses, no regrets. Do or do not. There is no try.

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