06 October 2009

Abort, Abort, Abort

or I have the best bad luck :)

It's been raining here for a couple of days and that pretty much puts bike riding out of the question for me.  I don't like to ride in the rain.  Anyway, although it rained most of the night here I woke to blue skies and sunshine.  Out came the bike and off I went.  I wanted to ride for an hour, I've been building up slowly,  but I didn't want to head out on the main roads with the commuter traffic so I decided to do 2 loops of the back roads. I complete my first loop, after stopping to take pictures of the beautiful day, and I'm at the closest point to my house when all of a sudden I hear pssssssssst.....  Huh??  I stop and get off the bike.  Apparently I've run over something because there is a big hole in my tire and the tube is leaking. Bummer my ride was cut short, but great that I was only a block from my house.  I tell you, I have the best bad luck :)  I have some errands to run this morning and now that includes a stop at the bike shop for new tires.  I think I'll get two since my tires are 2 years old.  I should probably pick up some tubes too. 

7 months, 5 marathons, 1 year to prepare.  I think I'm going for it.  Why not?  It will push me like nothing has pushed me in a long, long time.  It will give me something really big to work  towards.  I will do sprint and olympic triathlons over the summer just to vary the training and activities.  I really think I'm going to do it. 

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