07 October 2009

Day 5

The really important thing is how good I feel.  When I eat right and workout regularly I feel just awesome.  Not only do I have energy but I also feel much more comfortable in my skin - if that makes any sense at all.  I had to go somewhere yesterday and I had to dress nice.  Afterward I stopped at Target looking for something and as I was strutting through the store I realized how awesome I felt.  I was standing tall and really strutting and I just felt fantastic.  To me that is why I work out and eat right.  When I feel like that there is nothing I can't do.  I love it.  Also, it makes 7 months, 5 marathons, 1 year to prepare seem not only possible but likely.  I still haven't completely committed to that, I tend to jump into things without thinking it through, So I'm trying to give this lots and lots of thought before I commit outright.  Though I have started training for it :)

One of the things that I want to do and keep forgetting, is to log my calories eaten every day. I'm shooting for a top end of 1500 per day.  Here is how the last few days look:
Day 1: 1900
Day 2: 1830
Day 3: 1375
Day 4: 1550

So, after a somewhat rocky start I seem to be getting my act together.  The thing is none of what I've eaten in the last 4 days is junk of any kind and even though I ate more then I wanted to the first 2 days , I felt awesome!!!  That is what I need to focus on - how I feel.  The number on the scale will always let me down, but how I feel will always steer me right. 

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angelfish24 said...

Sound like a good plan....to just see how your body feels. I know what you mean by feeling healthy. I seem to be losing again and what helps is the exercise, like you said. IF I get that in...in the morning I seem to stay on track with the food all day. Now, I'll work up to jogging as I was admiring all the atheletes running around the track while I was just walking.

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