05 October 2009

Day 3

I read a weight loss blog and he titles his posts by the day number. He's been on his weight loss journey for over a year now and so his posts are 38something. I like that. I think it would help keep you focused on the long term goal. Remind you how far you've come when you get the desire to just chuck it all - as happens. So I may do that. We'll see.

Yesterday was pretty good. I ended up laying on the couch in the morning and pulled a muscle in my back. It wasn't too bad, in fact if I walked around it got better. Today it seems to be okay.

Second week of break. Woo Hoo!!! I really like this teaching gig, I tell you. I have some things to do today but nothing earth shattering. I really want to get my unit plan finished for school. I'm tired of looking at that thing. I have it almost completely done just a few little tweaks. I may submit it with a couple of things missing and then I can redo when it gets kicked back. I have other projects I want to move on to!!!!

This morning is a run. I'll be heading out shortly. In another couple of weeks I'll start training for the New Year's 10k. I'm looking forward to that. I'm liking having a goal. I was thinking of signing up for the Maui Marathon. It's Sept. 2010. I have a year to train. I'm not going to be doing the Honolulu this year, just not ready, but I will be doing it next year. So I could do Maui in Sept. Honolulu in Dec. and I think there's another Maui one in January. Or is it Kauai? I just went checking, Kauai is Sept 5th and Maui is Sept 19th. Do you think in 12 months I could be ready to run back to back marathons? Hmmm..... I wonder. Do I have the drive? Do I have the determination? Do I have the will? This is something to think about. Right now....I must run....

Just some thoughts:

Sept 5th - Kauai Marathon
Sept 19th - Maui Marathon
Dec 12th - Honolulu Marathon
Jan 23rd - Maui Oceanside Marathon
March 20th - Big Island Marathon

7 months - 5 marathons - 1 year to prepare. Can I do it???

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