04 October 2009

Day 2

Well yesterday wasn't as great as I'd hoped it'd be.  I was hoping for an amazing start to the week.  Not exactly!! But, as usual, it wasn't as bad as I feared it'd be either.  So I guess it's a wash.  Today will be better.

I think I see a problem with my eating.  I'm not that hungry early in the day. I do eat breakfast but I can usually get away with a small one because I'm just not that hungry. Breakfast is usually around 225 cals and that's plenty.  Even by lunch time I'm still not that hungry and 350 cals or so satisfies me.  But then comes the afternoon.  About 3 or 4 I start getting hungry.  Since it's too late to really eat anything I try to have a light snack - fruit and nuts.  But what happens a lot of times is that I've built up a calorie deficit during the day and now it needs to be satisfied.  I frequently go into dinner pretty darn hungry and eat more then I planned on.  Also, it's that time when my resistance is down and I'm susceptible to sugar. Time for a new plan.

I'm going to try and more evenly portion my calories out over the day. I'm trying to stay below 1500 cals so I'm thinking 400 cals a meal. That's 1200 cals and it leaves me 300 cals to play with. For breakfast I'm going to have my new favorite banana with peanut butter, that comes in around 225 cals. A little later I'll have my Greek yogurt with granola and fruit. That comes in around 200 cals so that will be ~425 for breakfast.

Lunch will be things like veggie burger or lunch meat on a wrap with hummus and veggies. That comes in anywhere from 200 - 250. Add some fruit and we are looking at 350 for lunch.

Then around 3 or 4 I need a snack. That will either be an apple or a granola bar. Both come in around 125.

At this point I'm at ~900 cals for the day. That leaves me 400-500 cals for dinner easily. The day will total out at ~1400 which leaves me a little flexibility if I choose to have a little something extra during the day.

I was reading another weight loss blog this morning and they were saying how weight loss can be boring. You eat the same things, workout at the same times, it's gets to be dull. But that's what creates success. That's what helps you lose the weight. It's time for me to get back into that boring, weight loss routine. It's not near as exciting as looking for pensacola beach condo rentals but it works. Speaking of Pensacola, I actually have a friend there that I would love to go visit. Maybe that will be my reward for sticking to my program for 6 months. Hmmmm.....not a bad thought. I'm off to look at those rentals.

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