24 December 2009

As quickly as I lost it, it's back

After my post last night about my new food journal, I got to thinking. I really felt like working out in the morning but the thought of running just didn't sit with me. I realized that the last few times I ran the bad parts far outweighed the good parts. That feeling of euphoria at having run was completely overshadowed by the sore knee and the aching back and the ankle that has this weird pain and the big toe that hurts, you get the idea. So even though I felt like doing something I really did not feel like running. So I said to myself, Self, you don't have to run. No one is holding a gun to your head saying run. Maybe I kept jumping in too fast with the running and the circuit training with Jillian. Maybe, because of my inconsistency, I would try to pick up where I left off and I was actually doing my body a disservice. Maybe if I started slower and worked on doing something consistently then I could build up to running and working out with Jillian. Hmmmm... makes sense when you think about it. I was running consistently for a couple of weeks and worked up to a certain level and speed. I then didn't run for 2 weeks, ran once or twice for a week or so, then expected to start up right where I left off all those weeks ago???? Crazy!!! So I wanted to workout this morning but I did not want to run so I walked. I took off at a good clip listening to my iPod and I walked. And walked. And walked. And walked. I ended up walking 5 miles, farther then I've run in months, and felt fantastic. I even jogged a little at the end. Woo Hoo!!! So there it is, it's not that I didn't feel like working out it's that I didn't feel like running and for some reason I thought I had to. So I've scaled it back. I'm going to walk everyday until I feel ready to run again. I'm also going to do the elliptical and some weights, but nothing crazy. If I do it consistently for a couple of weeks in no time at all I'll be wanting to run and do Jillian, but I need to build up to that and not just jump in. Wow, I'm back and it feels good.

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Janiss said...

There's a lot to be said for just plain moving. There are always periods when you should scale back temporarily to allow your body and mind to recoup. It sounds like that's what your body was trying to tell you, and you're following its lead. Good for you!

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