23 December 2009

Back to basics

As generally happens, as soon as I give up - throw my hands in the air and admit defeat - things start to come back to me. I woke this morning slightly more motivated then I was yesterday. I had decided to buy a book that was recommended by another blogger and so off to the bookstore I went. I ended up not finding the book I wanted but I found a great food tracker. When I was doing WW I really, really liked the tracker that they sell. The problem with it is that there is only a column for points. If you're not doing WW it's not very useful. I've tried a number of times to make it work but it just didn't cut it for me. Anyway in looking around the bookstore I came across a food tracker that is very similar to the WW one but has room for calories, fat, carbs, water, supplements, activity, etc. It's perfect for me. At least I think so. One of the things that I know generally works for me is writing down my food, but I can't just write it anywhere - I'm weird that way. This should solve that problem.

So I'm feeling a little motivated and like I'm coming back to myself. Tomorrow morning I run and Monday I start tracking every bite I eat. I would really like to do the 10k on New Year's Day but I feel like I'm not ready for it. Maybe I will try and run 10k tomorrow. We will see. Now, bed time is rapidly approaching.

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