It's going to be a rough two months....

We went and filled out the loan application today and went through what we need to do before we close and all that stuff.  Ugh!!!  This is going to be brutal.  I just have to keep the end in sight and I will get through all of this.  I really just want to run away on a caribbean vacation, but that's not likely. It will all work will all work will all work out.....

I had taken the day off from school today because I ostensibly had an arbitration for an accident I had 5 years ago.  I got to sleep in a little and that was nice.  I get to the attorney's office to find out that they forgot to let me know they settled the case last week.  Woot!!!  I was a little angry they forgot to let me know but I got over it quickly.  I ended up having a free day off and a chance to get a lot of errands done.  It turned out to be a good day. 

That's it. I've got some work to do.


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