10 December 2009

Now I'm getting excited

After thinking about all that money all night long I'm finally starting to get excited about the house. There is a house around the corner from our current house that I just love. Tonight on the way back from walking the dogs I pointed it out to Hubby, told him exactly what I liked and how we could do the exact same thing on our house. I'm really starting to get excited. I wonder if we can move up the closing :)
We were talking to a neighbor and there is enough room on the lot to build another house. We were thinking we could get a manufactured home to put back there quickly while we redo the house. Anyway, so many, many possibilities. Needless to say there will be no Christmas in this house this year. We bought ourselves the ultimate Christmas present and I think that's enough for this year. Hopefully this blog will return to weight loss and workouts sometime soon :)

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