18 December 2009

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

That was a comment I received today. I know things are going really well for me right now but even I don't know where you can buy a unicorn.

Today was the last day at school. The student's had their final final this morning, then we had parties in the homerooms, and we ended the students day with a senior class play. It was fun. Then came our Christmas party. Even though I work for a private school they know how to throw a party. We had a nice catered lunch with beer, games for really cool prizes, and a bonus. Woo Hoo!!! I now have more money then I anticipated. Very cool. Maybe I'll use the bonus to buy a water softener for the new house. Sounds like fun doesn't it??

Tomorrow it all begins. I am going to lose 10 lbs over this break and it all begins tomorrow. Tonight however I rest.

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recipes for distraction said...

i got that where can i buy a unicorn comment too, on the same exact day you did (dec 18). really head scratching, and kinda sad because i cant offer an answer.

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