14 February 2010

Back to the regularly scheduled insanity

So I've been watching my eating and working out fairly regularly and it's making a positive distance. However I am learning relearning things as I go. For example, for 3 days I restricted my food choices to veggie stuffs during the day. I would have smoothie for breakfast, salad with egg for lunch, fruit for snacks. For dinner I would eat a small amount of meat, veggies and some starch. It was good and I liked how it made me feel except after 3 days of eating like that I was exhausted. I had zero energy. I quickly realized that I need some more carbs during the day and possibly more protein. So Thursday and Friday I adjusted my meals slightly adding meat and carbs at lunch and wala, I felt much better. So when I go shopping today I'm going to get stuffs to make sandwiches for lunch. Pair that with a nice salad or some soup and I should be just fine.

I also rediscovered the absolute uselessness of sweets. Although they taste good they offer nothing at all to the body. Yesterday I went to a seminar and they fed us lunch. There was chicken and salad and it was good, but they also offered dessert which I indulged in. That was a mistake. I have not eaten sweets in over a week and I could immediately feel the affect they had on my body. Weird. Not only did I get a little bit sleepy but in an hour I was hungry again. Though it really wasn't true hunger because the only thing that would satisfy it was more sweets. It really is amazing how the body works. Go for a couple of days without eating anything sweet and then eat something and feel how your body reacts. It's no wonder we have an obesity crisis in this country.

So I figure if I keep playing with my food consumption I will hit on some diets that work, diets as in ways of eating not necessarily restrictions. But right now I'm off for my favorite part of the week, long dog walks. See you later.

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