19 March 2010

One step up and two steps back

Yesterday started out really badly. The scale showed a number I have not seen in at least 10 years. Ugh!!!! So I decided right then and there to get really serious about this whole thing. I worked out. Ate right all day. Tracked what I ate. Up until dinner I had eaten about 600 cals. I felt really good. I had an enchilada for dinner and was feeling very virtuous. Then my neighbor, the cake decorator, brings over a cake for us. Ugh!!! I am weak in the face of cake. Really I am. I can resist ice cream, candy, most sweets. But cake leaves me weak. Literally. And it was my absolute favorite, plain white cake with strawberry preserves...Ugh!!! Needless to say I had a piece. Or two. Felt like absolute crap and went to bed. If I keep this up I'm going to have to visit www.bestfatburners.org and buy some fat burners. I can not go on like this!!!

There are some positives from yesterday:
  • I got a workout in first thing in the morning
  • I ate really good for breakfast and lunch for only 600 calories and I wasn't hungry
  • For dinner I only had 1 enchilada
  • I managed to restrict myself to only 2 pieces of cake
  • And I stopped eating and went to bed
So the day  was not a total loss.  I will start over again today and try to do better. I will do better!!!!

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