24 June 2010

Computers and other nonsense

My laptop is down. I clicked on a link in Facebook and apparently caught a virus. I have to take it in to have it cleaned but right now I just don't have the money. Luckily I have 2 other computers so I am good.

I went to the periodontist yesterday. I have gum disease. Big shock. Not!! My mouth is a mess. My lower jaw is shorter then my upper jaw, my teeth don't line up right, and I have thin gums. Not a good combination. Anyway, I have a hole in my gum near my front teeth that I have had for years. This has resulted in bone loss and the teeth on either side are now starting to get loose. So yesterday I went to have it looked at and see about fixing. I was really, really dreading it. I just knew it was going to cost thousands of dollars and be extremely painful. Last person I know that had a similar problem had to have their gums cut and peeled back, the teeth cleaned and then the gums sewn up. It sounds horrible. Luckily they don't do that anymore. Now they use lasers. It is much less invasive, much less painful, and it actually promotes new bone growth. So I may get some of my lost bone back. And, the best part, is it's only $1,000. Yea!!! So that will be happening in 2 weeks.

We are starting the fencing project. Yesterday we bought the wood to do one side and started prepping it. That is going to be a fun project. We are talking about putting in a pool sometime in the future. That is a ways in the future but we are considering it because we will need a solid fence along with room for the pool and the pool filters and all that stuff. Anyway, the fence is coming along.

Well, time to head out on my run. Today, tomorrow and Saturday and I'm done with my program. Woo Hoo!!!!!

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