25 June 2010

Running on empty....

That's how I thought today would be. Yesterday we worked all afternoon getting one side of the fence up. I was completely exhausted last night and I thought that I wouldn't be able to run this morning. Luckily I was wrong :)

Today is the next to last day of my running program. 21 days ago I started a program to get me running 30 minutes in 3 weeks. I did it. It did it. All is good. But now what? Initially I just wanted to get back into running. Okay, I'm there but I don't want to stop. I have found that this program has been so great I want another one. So I found an 8 week to 5k program. Cool. I signed up and will start that on Monday. I wanted to find a 5k race around the time I ended that program so I was training towards something. No luck. That is getting too close to the Honolulu Marathon and all the races are getting longer - 15k, 20k. Ummmm, yeah....no way.... So I just kept poking around. I finally found a race that's the beginning of the taper to the marathon, the Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon. Okay....it's on November 7, which is 20 weeks away. So I went looking for a half-marathon training program and found a good one that's 12 weeks long. So I can do my 8 week 5k one then jump right into the 12 week 1/2 one and be ready to run a 1/2 marathon in November. I think this will put me in good condition to start the year off with the Bosetti 10k and to continue running from there. The year I was doing all those races I had the greatest time. I really enjoyed the training and the atmosphere at races is just so much fun, even the small ones. So that's it, the start of my running career..... again :)

Which leads me to the fact that I can do anything I set my mind to. Anything!!! I started this program having trouble running for 1 minute. Now I can run for 5 at a time. Granted it's not fast but damn I'm doing it. I can do absolutely anything I set my mind to. So why can't I log my food? Why do I have so much trouble doing that? Why is that the most difficult thing of my day? Today, 1 day, I'm going to log everything. My freaking phone has a scanner that does the logging for me. Okay, 1 day, 1 complete log.

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