28 June 2010

Monday randomness

First, why does G**gle suddenly hate me? I have to sign into blogger every time I want to post, it used to let me stay signed in but not anymore. Also, every time I try to search for something G**gle accuses me of not being human. It's really pissing me off. I've taken to using Bing for my searches - it's just as good. Anyway, it's really ticking me off. Maybe it's time to move away from G**gle completely.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Hubby got up early so we took both the dogs for a nice long walk. Then I cleaned the bird room. Scrubbed and power-washed cages, scrubbed the floors, and generally made the place look really nice (for about 10 minutes). Then we finished the fence on the other side. By then I was done. Completely and totally done. I went in, showered and relaxed for a while. Then we went to the neighbors baptism party. Then it was back to the couch for me. So the day ended up being incredibly busy and physical in the morning and relaxing and restful in the afternoon. Interesting.....

Today I begin my 8-week to a 5-k running program. This one only has me running 3 days a week so I'm going to have to pick up the workouts on the other days. I think I can do that now. Actually, I'm thinking of having the "long" run day fall on Saturday. That means I can either run Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays with other types of workouts the other days. Or I can shift the workouts to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. I think that's what I'm going to do. So I'll start today with another workout which I will figure out shortly.

Okay, that's done. Today I need to get some work done on my thesis. Since I've been pretty active the last couple of day what with building fences and all....I think after my workout today will be a desk day. I have to formulate a plan of attack and a clear, definitive goal for today. I have 4 weeks until school starts and 1 week until the classes at HPU pick up again. I have made zero progress...it is time to kick my butt into gear. So, today's plan: workout, shower,breakfast, work on thesis for 2 hours, lunch, work on lesson plans for 2 hours, walk dogs, work on thesis some more. The goal for today: have 3 pages of the lit review written and skim the book.

Okay, time to get going.

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