10 July 2010

And things continue to not happen

Like activity. Yesterday.... It was an off day from running and I was going to do a DVD but got sidetracked first thing in the morning by something and before I knew it I was starving and needed to eat and then I couldn't workout for like an hour or so and then I was into something else and before I knew it it was time for lunch and hot as all get out and there was no working out at all yesterday. Whew....can you tell I feel bad about that?? But guess what, life happens and I just have to move on and try to do a little better today then I did yesterday.

In other news, I have only 2 weeks of vacation left. That is sad. I can not believe the summer has gone by that quickly. Unfortunately I've gotten into many bad habits over the past 5 weeks. Staying up late. Sleeping in. Spending way too much time in front of the computer. So over the next 2 weeks I need to start changing those habits and I'm starting today. I'm going to start going to bed a little earlier until I'm back at my usual bedtime. I'm also going to start getting up a little earlier. I wake up around 5 but then lay in bed until almost 6. Time to start getting up when I wake up. I need to get back into the habit of taking my vitamins too. I got some cool, gummy ones that taste like candy :)

Okay, even though it's Saturday I got things to do..

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