08 July 2010

Let's discuss what's not happening

I am in week 2 of my 5k training plan. This morning, and Tuesday, I ran 7/1 intervals 4 times each. What is not happening with my running? Well, to start my knee is not hurting. I can run for 7 minutes straight and zero knee pain. Also, my ankle is not hurting. Although I am not a doctor and I've never had it diagnosed, I do believe I have arthritis in my right ankle from spraining it so much. When I first started running it hurt pretty badly, but now? Nothing. I'm not bagging out on my runs. I have it on the schedule and I generally do it. Once in awhile I will skip a day but I always make it up the following day. I also am not cutting the runs short. I am doing the full amount of minutes for the stated number of reps. It's all good. Unfortunately, I also don't think I'm dropping any weight either. I feel better and my stomach doesn't feel so huge, but I don't think I've dropped any pounds. I thought that running was supposed to be a natural fat burner and I'm waiting to see the results of that. I also don't think I'm getting any faster. I try to run faster but when you are increasing your time it's tough. Today I did 2.2 miles in 32 minutes. Which, now that I look is slightly better then Tuesday but not as good as last week. Oh well, I guess you can't have everything. And, if I get just a little better every time I will eventually be back to my 10 min/mile pace. So yeah, lots of things not happening with my running and I'm totally loving it.

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Benson said...

Short term gains will be small and you're obviously doing that. Keep it up and focus on the longer term results. You'll be pleased, just wait.
Rock on.

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