03 July 2010


That's what I feel like, I'm at a crossroads. There is 3 more weeks of vacation left. I have a lot to do in terms of prep and thesis work. I have not lost any weight this summer, in fact I've gained. I'm fairly sure this is due to my general lack of activity. As a teacher I'm on my feet most of the day moving around. Doing nothing extra I average about 12,000 steps in a normal teaching day. On a day at home doing nothing extra? 6,000. Clearly I'm not moving enough. Even with my runs and workouts it's just not enough. So what to do? I could just accept it and stop fighting and shop for some bigger clothes. Or I could spend the next 3 weeks doing battle. I'm torn. Both have their appeal.

Stopping the fight is appealing because I've been fighting this battle for most of my adult life and I'm tired. Tired of thinking about food. Tired of thinking about working out. Tired. So the thought of giving in and just buying some larger clothes has its appeal. But where does it end?

On the other hand, I have 3 weeks to kick up the fight. I could finally start doing the workouts I planned for at the beginning of summer. I could work hard at being active and stop sleeping on the couch in the middle of the afternoon. I could at least try to not be as big as a house when I go back. This has it's appeal because it will build up my stamina and endurance for returning to teaching, where I won't be able to nap from 12-1 every day.

So what to do? Giving in is the easy way. I think I'm going to kick up the fight. I'm going to plan my days - starting tomorrow - and stick to a schedule. No sitting in front of the computer for 3 hours like I did just now. No afternoon naps unless I'm exhausted and have completed everything for the day.

Yup, I'm not going to go down without a fight. Think I can lose 10 lbs in 3 weeks? I do......

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