It's getting better all the time....

Seriously, it is the little things. I went for my run today, I skipped yesterday because of the rain :(. I was to do 5/1 just like I did on Tuesday. On Tuesday I ran for 43ish minutes and covered 2.71 miles. Today I decided I needed to step it up a little, so on the 2nd and 3rd intervals I tried a quicker turn over. I know that the key to running fast is to move your feet quicker not take longer steps. So I picked up the turn-over a notch. By interval 4 - which is uphill - I was slowing down so I took that one easy, but interval 5 I kicked it up again. The results??? I ran for 41:47 mins, that's almost 1:30 less running time, and I covered 2.77 miles - that's .06 miles further. Yes, I know it's not record breaking but it sure makes me feel good. Not only did I kick it up a notch today, but it showed in the numbers. I seriously could not have pushed harder unless I've taken something like hgh supplements. I'm very, very pleased with myself and feel like a rock star. Now, off to an interview????


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