14 July 2010

One step up and two steps back

So my last run, 3 days ago, really showed me that there is a badass living inside of me.  Unfortunately she apparently sleeps a lot.  The next day I did some Turbo Jam - I really like that workout - it's tough but easy to adjust to my own level.  Also, it does Capioera which I love and would love to take a class in.  Okay, so I did that and felt great.  Yesterday I had a run scheduled.  I got up and it was pouring.  I decided to wait out the rain and then run but then I got hungry.  So I ate.  Then it cleared up and I just ate so I had to wait, but the time I could run it was hot, hot, hot.  Also, my glasses broke the night before and I had to make an appointment to see the eye doctor.  They squeezed me in at 11:20 yesterday.  And I had to drop my car off because it had developed a nasty shimmy at high speeds plus I broke my side mirror and needed to get that fixed.  Oh, and I had to run to the glasses place to have my glasses fixed before all this started.  Ugh!! It ended up being a crazy, crazy day.  So I never got my run in.  No worries, I planned on running the morning but so far it's been pouring rain.  Ugh!! Maybe I should just do Turbo Jam again and be done with it.  I can run the next time it's not raining - I was going to say nice but that generally entails heat, so I'll settle for not raining.  So I think I'll do some Turbo Jam and then I want to look up some health insurance in nc. My friend lives there and has told me some interesting stuff. Also, believe it or not - this may be involved in the thesis I'm writing.  It's really weird how the strangest things are tied into education.  Our school system is screwed up in many, many ways....not going to get started on that......  I'm off to do something physical.

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