There is a badass living inside of me....

I don't know why, but every time I realize that it surprises me all over again.  I guess my prevailing view of myself is not a badass.  So, how do I know she exists?  Well, it's like this,  I was out for my run and I'm doing 8/1 intervals 4 times.  From where I live I have a huge variety of choices on where to run.  They all include hills, just some more than others. So as I head out I decide to go the way that is a giant loop.  I like loops! Doubling back tends to make my "oh crap, I'm not done yet"  kick into high gear.  But doing a loop allows me to challenge myself by seeing how far I can get and try to do better every time.  So I head out for the giant loop.  The initial part of this run is flat but then it goes uphill. And I turn the corner and go uphill some more.  And turn another corner and go uphill even more. By this time I'm at a decision point.  I can turn right and add a little extra on to the run or I can turn left and take the easy way out.  Going right is almost all uphill for the entire time, but I will turn around and it will be downhill on the way back.  Going left is uphill for just a short distance than downhill all the way home.  As I'm running I'm saying, "I don't want to go right, I don't want to go right."  Yet, when I got to the point where I had to make a decision, guess which way I went?  Right!!!  I could not believe what I had done.  But apparently the badass that lives in me made the decision while my brain was arguing with itself.  I love that badass and I think it's time to let her out more.  Now let's look at the numbers.  I was out for a total of 54 minutes and the entire distance covered was 3.2 miles for an overall pace of  16.9 min/mile.  But, the running part was only for 36 minutes and that covered 2.5 miles for a run pace of  14.4 min/mile.  Not a record breaker but fabulous for me.  Now I have to think about something.  Next week I'll be hitting intervals of 9/1. The program calls for me to keep increasing them until I run for 30 minutes straight, but I'm thinking of staying at 9/1. Intervals work well and I really do want to keep running for years so maybe I should stick with intervals.  Something to think about.


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