06 July 2010

Running, boobs, and other nonsense.....

Today's run was not as good as Sunday's. I ended up running 2.1 miles in 32 minutes. Not great at all. I did 7/1 intervals, 4 times. A total running time of 28 minutes with 4 minutes of walking. Total time out: 45 minutes and covered almost 3 miles. On the up side, I felt pretty darn good. The legs were feeling it at the end and I probably could not have run much further, but up until that point I felt pretty darn awesome.

Yesterday we took the dogs for a morning walk. It was nice, they love their walks so much it's great to see. I came home and around an hour or so later felt like doing something so I put in Zumba. I did about 30 minutes of the 50 minute program and really was bored to tears. Really. Bored!! So I stopped and put in Turbo Jam. I like Turbo Jam and am going to go back to it. I ended up doing the 20 minute express workout. Fun!!!!I spent the rest of the day working on planning my lessons for school which starts in like 3 weeks!!!

After I'd been home on vacation about a week or so my weight went up. A. Lot. I felt fat and bloated and just generally yucky. I've been trying to get things under control for the past couple of weeks but haven't been hugely successful. Finally, yesterday I said that's enough. All day yesterday I ate a banana, an apple with peanut butter, a hot dog and a half, some peanuts, and a hamburger casserole for dinner. I did not track serving sizes or calories but I know it was considerably less then I have been eating recently. I felt really, really good and feel really good today. As I was running this morning I noticed that the boobs were bouncing a lot. When I thought about it I realized that the bra I'm wearing was tight just a couple of weeks ago. Like smooshing the boobs and painful tight. Not so much now. Yeah!! Of course now my boobs hurt from bouncing around but that's cool.

I've stopped using sunscreen unless I'm at the beach. I used to put some on before I went on a run or anything. I stopped doing that because I honestly believe that your skins best defense against the sun is a tan. I don't go out in the sun that much and I use nature to help protect me, shade and such. But what has happened is that where 10 minutes exposure used to cause a slight burn, I now have a base tan and don't burn when out for 45 minutes. I really believe that mother nature has the best solutions for most things and we just need to let her do her job. Of course, I'll probably need some heavy duty wrinkle cream like prototype 37c when I'm 70 but I'll worry about that then :)

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