08 August 2010

Trying to walk the walk

So yesterday was baby step but a step nonetheless. I did the elliptical for 30 minutes and I recorded everything I ate. I had planned on working out later in the day too but it was so hot and humid and then I got caught up in housework, so I never got in a second workout. But I felt very good about what I did do. I did the elliptical and was busy all day.

I tracked my food all day and ended up consuming about 2300 calories. That is actually not too terribly bad. I went out to lunch and had beer and a burger and had dessert after dinner. So 2300 with all that is pretty darn good in my book. Of course, according to all the indicators I only burned about 2,000 calories but that's okay. More important than the actual numbers involved are the actions; working out, staying busy, tracking my food. This must be a habit, every day, without my becoming completely obsessed by it.

Today I plan to walk the dogs, do the elliptical for 30 minutes, then go to the zoo with the parrot club. I also need to look for better lighting for our hallway. What we have there now is not great. Maybe I'll stop somewhere on my way back from the zoo.

As far as food goes today, I will have an egg-sausage-cheese-spinach- burrito for breakfast. Something for lunch, maybe a hot dog at the zoo :) and dinner should be back to normal with Hubby home again. The most important thing is I want to record everything.

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