14 August 2010

Using resources

I'm a teacher (god, do you know how I love saying that???) and as a teacher one of the things you must become good at is using your resources. Teachers generally get very little money, in pay and support, so using resources to the full potential is important. Last year I did not use my resources at school as well as I could have and I am making a serious effort to change that this year. I am looking for ways to use the resources I have available in new and creative ways that will work for me. While we are not an Online School, we have a lot of our resources online. This should be used to it's fullest advantage, and that is my goal in school this year. Having said that, I don't believe I am using my resources at home effectively. I have an elliptical and a stationary bike. I have weights, hand-held and a bar, a weight bench, books on working out coming out of my ears, DVDs like crazy, and things to play them on. There is no reason why I need another piece of equipment to get back into losing weight. I need to exploit the resources I have available to me. So I'm going to start doing that today.

I've gotten up and done the elliptical every morning this week except for Friday. So I'm off to a decent start. I want to add weight training in. I've been reading over my blog (my 6 year anniversary is coming up) and thinking back to when I was in the best shape. I'm trying to remember exactly what I did. One thing is that I really enjoyed working out. I didn't do it every day but I really enjoyed it. I also did a variety of things, aerobics, running, swimming, kayaking, yoga, pilates, etc. Finally I did weights. I really think that was the key. Weights. As I read over my blog I find that I wasn't perfectly consistent but I really think the weights did the trick. So I'm going to add those back in. I'm not sure what to do, should I do full body a couple of days a week or should I do upper then lower and do it more often?? I'm still considering it, but I do know that weights have to come back into my life. I could even do DVDs that have weights in the program, to start at least. I'm not sure but I'm going to make a plan today and stick to it for one week and see how I feel. I have got to utilize the resources at my disposal.

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