I have a lot to cover so pay attention....

That's usually how I start one of my chemistry classes :) Anyway, I just had to post my morning so far. After my last post (45 mins ago) I decided to go work out. My initial plan was to figure out some strength moves and work some cardio in then a little later I have to walk to the mall to get my glasses adjusted. I didn't plan on doing anything hard. But as I was getting ready to workout I found myself thinking of my resources. I decided to look and see what I had in terms of strength DVDs when I spotted Jillian. Ahhh....Jillian....I know many people don't like her but she is just the kind of kick in the butt I need to make me move. So I decided to do her Biggest Winner workout - Front. It's 30 minute mix of cardio and some strength. I like it because it's quick and a sweat drenching good time. Also, you don't get bored because you go from move to move to move so fast you can hardly breath. I got ready, popped it in and off I went. I don't know how long it's been since I've done this workout but it felt good. I pushed myself as hard as I could and within 3 minutes I was panting and sweating. I had to stop twice to catch my breath, but only for about 15 seconds each time. By the end I felt like I was going to throw up - that's how I know I've worked hard. So I am pleased with that workout and need to keep doing ones like that.

As I was getting ready I grabbed a workout shirt that hasn't fit me in months. I started to put it on and realized what shirt it was by how tight it felt. But it went on and I looked in the mirror - it fits!!! I don't think I would wear it out in public but it's actually quite comfortable for working out because it fits snuggly but there is room to move. It fits!!! What is up with that?? My weight is up but some of my clothes fit again?!?!?!?!? Huh??!?!?!?!?

Finally, during my stretch after my workout I had the opportunity to look at the bottom of my running shoes. I bought these shoes at the beginning of summer when I was starting to run again - so that's about 10 weeks at most. Parts of the sole are worn flat!!! Really!!! I wear these shoes when I run/walk or workout. I walked that much in 10 weeks? Really!?!?!?!?!

This has just been a morning of revelations. I'm very pleased with myself and will keep this momentum going.....


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