Day 1

Revelation time....looking at the world one day at a time is unbelievably liberating. not only do i not get crazed looking at the big picture, i don't freak out over the little things. for example, last night i didn't make it to workout due to a traffic accident (not mine). i didn't freak out at all i just told myself it's only one day. tonight i couldn't make my workout either due to having to get some work done. again, no freak out, just reminded myself that it is only one day and tomorrow will be different. it's great. i really love it.

for some reason my caps lock seems to not be working. hmmmm.... it's probably from the birds playing on the keyboard. they already pulled off a couple of keys. luckily they were ones i don't use much.

it's almost time for another colonoscopy. i hate doing them but my dad died of colon cancer so i have to. too bad i just can't use a colon cleanser instead of that stuff they make you drink. yuck.....

okay, time for big bang....


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